Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 20 – 26

Friday night, M was off so we went for burgers at BJ’s Brewhouse as they have a dinner and a movie deal with the AMC in Easton. We saw Trainwreck which was so funny. It might make my 2015 top ten – it was that good!

Saturday, I joined my parents and we headed down to Wellston for a day at Lake Alma. It was my grandma’s 80th Birthday and so the whole family was getting together for a cook out. My cousin brought a ton of games and a Photo Booth set up. While it was HOT, it was a great day. Once we headed back up to Columbus, M met us at my parents house and we spent the evening swimming.

Sunday, I got up early and spent nearly the whole day baking a loaf of honey oat bread and the most perfect peach-blueberry pie for state fair drop off. ONLY come to find out, pies are live judged and are due this coming Thursday instead! It was pretty frustrating to be honest – but M was pretty pleased with this development.

Monday 7/20 – Pizza House
Tuesday 7/21 – summer squash, green beans and tortellini
Wednesday 7/22 – homemade pizza
Thursday 7/23 – grilled chicken and summer squash
Friday 7/24 – burgers
Saturday 7/25 – hot dogs (my grandma’s 80th birthday)
Sunday 7/26 – vietnamese pork, over quinoa

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