Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 13-19

Friday night I went to go ride as the vet was out on Thursday. Everyone else was at a show so it was very quiet and I had the place to myself ~ just the kind of quiet I needed after the week. Saturday, M and I got up early(ish) to go look at apartments. One was too expensive, one had no openings and one was perfect except it doesn’t allow pets. I spent the rest of the afternoon at my folks and hanging in the pool. Sunday, M was working again so I cleaned house and started to work on some sewing projects. My parents picked me up and we went to the Iron Pony to check out some 4 wheelers my dad is interested in and then we hit up Hot Chicken Takeover for lunch. While a lot more chill than last weekend, it was a pretty darn good weekend.  Monday 7/13 – spicy green beans
Tuesday 7/14 – buffalo cauliflower (omg we are boring!)
Wednesday 7/15 – M closed, at my folks
Thursday 7/16 – Chipotle :-/
Friday 7/17 – turkey tacos
Saturday 7/18 – M closed, at my folks
Sunday 7/19 – baked chicken, braised greens with quinoa

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