Weekend Recap / What We Ate July 6 – July 12

Such a great weekend! I was lucky enough to take Friday afternoon off to hang out with my good friend G, who was in town for some in-law stuff for the rest of the weekend. We walked the dobies and did a little shopping before dinner. We meet up with our significant others and another couple for dinner at BJ Brewhouse. It was great dinner with great friends!

Saturday we got up really early and headed to the Wilds. We booked an open air tour at 9 AM and it’s a good 90 minutes from our house. Follow their directions and write down directions and gas up when you get off 70! It was such an awesome time and I took over 200 pictures ~ those will certainly be getting their own post soon!

Afterwards we hit up the gift shop and then headed back out towards cell phone reception. We stopped for lunch at Muddy Misers since Weasel Boy was closed and they had the local brewery’s stuff on tap. We were able to eat lunch right on the Muskingum River. Since it was still sort of early, we headed home and stopped off in Buckeye Lake at Buckeye Lake Brewery and each got a flight. Because we know how to live like rock stars, we also stopped at the local Old Navy and Target to get a few basics for M before coming home to cook dinner.

Sunday we hung out in the morning and then I headed to my folks for lunch with my mom. I did some work and then we all got in the pool and spent the afternoon swimming. M and I made getta, potatoes and eggs for dinner.

Monday 7/6 – salad
Tuesday 7/7 – homemade Mongolian beef
Wednesday 7/8 – can’t remember
Thursday 7/9 – can’t remember
Friday 7/10 – BJ’s Brewhouse with friends
Saturday 7/11 – pork chops with string beans
Sunday 7/12 – brinner (breakfast for dinner)

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