Weekend Recap / What We Ate June 22-28

Friday night, I worked on some sewing projects. I fixed two dresses and made four eye masks. They turned out super cute! Not sure why, but I find myself putting off the smaller sewing projects but it always feels so awesome to get them done! Definitely need to sew more!

Saturday morning I went hiking with a friend and her two kids at Highbanks (gah! still need to write up this park!). We also hit the Nature Center – I have to say, it is super fun to see nature thru a two year’s old eyes. I had a blast ~ hopefully we’ll be able to do it again! Afterwards, I went to my parents house to help remove finishing nails and screws from about 25 linear feet of fence. Saturday night, I met M at the mall and we were going to go to a movie but ended up at Target and then headed home to cook dinner. We ended up playing board games (Ticket to Ride and Forbidden Desert).

Sunday morning we slept in because M was off! Woohoo! M made scrambled eggs and then we headed out to Lowe’s to touch all the fancy appliances and dream of owning a home/redoing a kitchen one day. I also did a little shopping at H&M before our matinee of Avengers: Age of Ultron. I really enjoyed this movie and am glad we saw it on the big screen! We then hit up the grocery store as I’ve started prepping for this upcoming girls weekend. We spent the rest of the evening playing Rivals for Catan and grilling out. There may have come been some cocktail tasting too 🙂 All in all, a very very chill weekend.

the giant of catan

Monday 6/22 – fake out take out wildfire chicken salads
Tuesday 6/23 – homemade pizza
Wednesday 6/24 – M closed, I mooched off my parents 🙂
Thursday 6/25 – turkey tacos
Friday 6/26 – baked fish with roasted turnips and braised kale
Saturday 6/27 – steak fajitas
Sunday 6/28 – grilled chicken with broccoli and grilled pineapple

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