Weekend Recap / What We Ate June 15-22

Friday night, I went for a nice long walk around Sharon Woods. That paved four mile loop is such an awesome thing as it’s been so rainy here ~ everywhere else is super soggy.

superb moon ~ thecomynspace.com

Saturday was going to be a day of hiking with Lexi the Wonder Dog but it was pouring down the rain all day long so instead, I met my sister for a coffee at our favorite local coffee shop, Crimson Cup. We then did a little shopping at the computer store (her), Marshall’s for luggage (me) and the pet store (both of us). Her other dog, Levi recently had knee surgery so I got to ‘play’ with him, meaning turning him in a circus seal by using treats to convince him to stretch. When M got off, we grabbed drinks and an appetizers at our favorite local pub and then came to try to take a picture of the ‘Superb Moon’. I didn’t know that was a Thing but the power of Google is strong. In case you don’t know either, a Superb Moon is when the Moon, Jupiter (the highest bright light in the above picture, in the middle) and Venus (the larger thing that looks like a star, towards the left) are in a line. Regulas also makes an appearance but it was too cloudy in Columbus to see him. This is a fairly common astrological event – happening about once a year in the western sky.

Sunday was Father’s Day! We slept in and then headed over to Pickerington Ponds for a good long walk. We had intended on hiking but because it was a wetland – all the paths were either paved or crushed gravel to reduce the impact on the wetlands. Totally makes sense but less strenuous! Afterwards, we headed over to my folks house to help seal the pool deck. My mom made steaks for Father’s Day and after dinner, I helped my sister purge her closet. I most certainly enjoyed the process 10 times more than she did 🙂

Monday 6/15 – at my parents
Tuesday 6/16 – chicken salad salad
Wednesday 6/17 – grilled chicken with braised swiss chard
Thursday 6/18 – vietnamese caramelized pork
Friday 6/19 – pasta with sausage sauce
Saturday 6/20 – Old Bag of Nails
Sunday 6/21 – steaks for Father’s Day at my parents

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