Weekend Recap / What We Ate June 8-14

 Ohio sweet corn, on the grill

Friday night we got Mexican and caught up on a very busy week of M closing all week and then packed up for my family reunion the following day. I grilled up a big batch of corn for a corn and tomato salad for the reunion.

2015 Sech Reunion131 2015 Sech Reunion133

Saturday morning, we headed over to my folk’s house to grab Lexi the Wonder Dog and caravan down to the family farm with my sister. My uncle owns the farm that my great grandfather farmed (so – his grandfather). There were about 40 or so of us there for a lunch time potluck. Most of went up to the overlook (some on foot-I had the ticks to prove it and some in a Jeep – smarties!). It was a great day of catching up and remembering I can’t wait to do it again next year! My parents, sister and uncle also camped out. The stars and the fireflies were such a sight to see.

art festival selfies


the lemon shake up, the true barometer of summer

Sunday morning, we were all up with sun and we headed back up north. We unpacked, showered quickly and then headed to the Columbus Arts Festival. It was SO overwhelming! M and I have been to the one in Lakeview in Chicago several times but this was easy three times the size. We did end up purchasing two prints and lots of fair food ~ lemon shake ups for the win! Afterwards, we headed over to my folks to hang out and swim in the pool. It almost felt like two full weekends we were able to pack in so much in just 48 hours! I cannot wait until M is off regularly on Saturday and Sundays!

making s’mores inside since we forgot while camping

Monday 6/8 – gnocchi
Tuesday 6/9 – dinner out with some girlfriends
Wednesday 6/10 – salads
Thursday 6/11 – pizza rolls and oven fries
Friday 6/12 – Rancho Alegre
Saturday 6/13 – family reunion potluck
Sunday 6/14 – pizza

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