Weekend Recap / What We Ate June 1-7

I was traveling for work this week so no real meal planning happening here. Friday night was deep dish with two of my best girlfriends from college/study abroad. We ended up at the Barn, which was filming some sort of reality show – which was a trip to see. I saw the ‘cast’ standing with their mics under the air dryer, discussing something and dumping their drinks down the sink. Just a little reality in your reality TV!

Saturday, I headed up to Lincoln Square and toured out my favorite bookstore, The Book Cellar for a little while. I then met up with my friend G and her hubby and a bunch of their friends for a late lunch at Big Star, followed by ice cream at Jeni’s. Yes, I did go all the way to Chicago for Jeni’s 🙂 I had a late flight out and M picked my up Saturday night.

Sunday is for donuts! We went to Buckeye Donuts and then walked around Inniswood Gardens Metro Parks before the usual grocery store run. Our building’s pool is finally up and running so we did a few laps and laid out and enjoyed the sunshine.

Monday 6/1 – tacos
Tuesday 6/2 – baked fish with roasted veg
Wednesday 6/3 – Saturday 6/6 – traveling
Sunday 6/7 – daahl bhat (curried lentils, barley and rice)

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