What I Read: May ’15

Beloved by Toni Morrison: I’m slowly trying to close a few gaping holes I’ve got in the American Canon and this is one. I found Morrison’s narrative a bit difficult to follow with the shifting narrators and perspectives but I really fall for Denver. I wish I had read this in high school to have a larger group of people to discuss this with.

Ripper by Isabel Allende: I will always read everything Allende writes but I have to attempt I don’t think this was her best work. I was excited to see her try a new genre but felt her suspense feel a bit short – I could see who the villain was nearly 100 pages before the end. Set in her beloved San Fransicso, Ripper follows a young Amanda, her grandpa and an online cohort dedicated to solving crimes that start to hit a little too close to home.

and because life is too short to read bad books, I put down Summer of the Bear by Bella Pollen this month – it just wasn’t doing it for me.

What I Watched; Paddingon, The Prize Winner of Defiance OH, The BoxTrolls, Finding Neverland, Mad Max: Fury Road, Hot Pursuit, Legally Blonde, Three Kids

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