Weekend Recap / What We Ate May 11 -17

WHAT A WEEK! Work was pretty full on and I’m not really sure why – didn’t end the week feeling too terribly accomplished. I’ve started riding my sister’s horse once a week and I cannot even describe how happy this makes me.

Friday night, M was OFF! We used our WOSU membership to get 2 for 1 entrees at a traditional German beir garten in German Village. I had the wiener schnitzel and M had the bratwurst – both were very yummy! On a whim, M suggested we go see a movie. Le Google told me that there was a DRIVE IN not a ten minute drive (neither of us had ever been to a drive in movie) so we stopped at a CVS for snacks and headed down for the double feature. The South Drive In has two screens and speakers for your windows if you don’t want to use your own sound system. We ended up only staying for Mad Max: Fury Road but I am certain we’ll be back. Next time, we’ll pack a picnic dinner or grab a pizza – everyone else had grilled out or picnicked. It was a blast!d

drive in waiting shenanigans

Saturday was a sort of slow day with lots of grocery shopping. I tried to go two weeks between ‘big shops’ and just get produce in between but to be honest, I’ve got a long way to go with my meal planning skills to make that work. I think we’ll be sticking with weekly for now. I spent the afternoon with my parents, just hanging out. It was a great afternoon.

Sunday I met up with two girlfriends from high school for brunch and to catch up. Part of what makes moving back to Columbus so awesome is that I can talk literature, feminism and career with such smart talented women who have known me since I was 14. It’s a real gift. In the afternoon, M and I drove down to Tar Hollow State Park to hike and did about half of the North Loop of the Logan Trail. It had just rained – the woods just smelled amazing.

M playing with a new water filtration system

Monday 5/11 – fresh tortellini
Tuesday 5/12 – dinner w/my sister and dad while M worked
Wednesday 5/13 – rotisserie chicken and side salad
Thursday 5/14 – baked fish and braised kale
Friday 5/15 – Plank’s Beir Garten
Saturday 5/16 – my parent’s house for me and leftovers for M
Sunday 5/17 – grilled cheeses

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