Weekend Recap / What We Ate May 4 – 10

Saturday morning I did a little shopping with my mom, we hit up an estate and then Kohls. In the afternoon, my sister and I took all three Dobermans to Highbanks Metro Park. Except for the GAINT Eastern rat snake (ok, ok, it was two inches thick but STILL FOLKS) that we spotted. They have a really great dog path but it goes through a quite grassy area and we all managed to pick up a tick or two 🙂 The Dobes decided we all needed a quick dip in the creek. After a shower to de-creek-i-fy and fast dinner, M and I headed down to Huntington Park to catch the Columbus Clippers and Pawtucket Red Sox game. It was such a blast – while I miss Cooper stadium – this new park is really great.

Sunday, I went to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day. I spent the afternoon starting to work on a saddle cover that I promised my sister a…while ago.

Monday 5/4 – chile relleno hot dish
Tuesday 5/5 – Rancho Alegre
Wednesday 5/6 – leftovers
Thursday 5/7 – Mongolian beef with rice
Friday 5/8 – homemade pizza
Saturday 5/9 – sausage and kale with pasta
Sunday 5/10 – baked fish with roasted veggies

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