Weekend Recap / What We Ate April 27 – May 3

My folks went out of town the day after we got home from Hawai’i so it was a little weird weekend – not as much going on as usual but I think we needed that to really readjust. Friday night I let out the family dogs and hung out with my little sister.

Saturday involved three grocery stores and hunting down the ingredients for M’s birthday cake – this year he requested Black Forest Cake. I made the cake layers and watched an obscene amount of CSI: Cyber (which is terrible television but I enjoy Patricia Arquette). Since we were first married, M and I have been making each other a homemade birthday cake for the other’s birthday. While it started out of our relative poverty living in Chicago, it’s something that continues to mean a lot and I hope we continue to honor this tradition. We also let out the dogs again and hung out with my little sister because three human sized Dobermans aren’t enough company šŸ˜‰

Sunday brought more errands, this time to the spice store, Pepperidge Farm outlet and TARGET. I assembled the cake and put it in the fridge to ‘gel’. I then processed to spend 5 hours organizing the office closet, which has been a catch all since we moved in…19 months ago. But I’ve started so it will be finished much more quickly than it took to get started!

Monday 4/27 – Hawai’i
Tuesday 4/28 – Hawai’i
Wednesday 4/29 – cauliflower tacos w/my family
Thursday 4/30 – stir fry
Friday 5/1 – tofu curry
Saturday 5/2 – chinese take out
Sunday 5/3 – chicken mole tacos

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