Forget the PR Half and Mohican State Park

mohican state park ~

There is the field, getting ready to step off! It’s a where Waldo but with my honey instead.

mohican state park ~

While they were off and running, I drove back into the park and went for a super short hike. There is a surprising number of conifers at Mohican State Park – I cannot describe how incredibly good the woods smelled as the sun came up. We will most definitely be back.

mohican state park ~

The view from the outlook. I then moved to the Fire Tower to wait for M at the 5 mile aid station. He was looking and feeling great (this was before the 1/4 mile of single track in the stream). I went back to the start/finish line to study while he finished.

mohican state park ~

mohican state park ~

Looking and feeling great at the finish! M has such a blast at this race – this will be on our calendar for next year! I’ve got to step up my trail training so I’m ready for those mountains too 🙂

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