Weekend Recap / What We Ate 13-19

Friday night, the weather was insanely beautiful. We were in desperate need of a margaritas outside and I mentioned it to my mom so we met at one of our favorite Mexican places. It was so much fun ~ definitely the decompression I really needed. Saturday morning brought another early wake up call for a race. M’s store was putting on a 5k. As the outdoor school instructor, he had to be there and I definitely owed him some help from all those early mornings he showed up for me and Team M3. It was a really fun event and I was so proud to be a part of it! I was just lucky enough to have lunch with a new friend, K, at Los Guachos. Not only was she great company but holy-wow were those tacos the best I’ve had in Ohio. And it was cheap to boot! I will most certainly be dragging M back in the VERY NEAR future. In the afternoon, we hit up our favorite store (Target) and got frozen cokes to enjoy on the patio. M set up the backpacking hammock and we just lounged around all afternoon. I cannot get over this amazing, sunny 80’s weather. Matt grilled steaks even! Sunday, I got the house super clean and did some sewing. Trying to get a few things off my plate in that arena – which sadly is always somehow getting longer. All in all, a pretty dang great weekend. Monday 4/13 – leftovers Tuesday 4/14 – cabbage steaks at my parents house Wednesday 4/15 – pizza Thursday 4/16 – lemon chicken with quinoa [I need to share this recipe – it’s so good!] Friday 4/17 – out for Mexican with my parents Saturday 4/18 – steaks and gingery bok choy Sunday 4/19 – spicy lentils

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