Weekend Recap / What We Ate March 30-April 5

Saturday I re-attempted my hike at Blendon Woods and this time, avec camera! In the afternoon I made three pies for Easter [one did NOT turn out – so frustrating!]. Saturday night, I was invited to my good friends birthday party. It was so much fun! And I got to snag puppy snuggles with their 6 month old puppy 🙂


Sunday was Easter! M was working (of course!) so it was just me and my sister, plus our parents and my aunts and uncles. It was such a good meal – we had ham, green bean casserole, screaming heads (a brussels sprouts casserole my Aunt Conni makes), mashed potatoes, fruit salad and bread.   I hope you and yours had a great holiday as well!


And only in the Midwest do we do Easter in open toed shoes and wool coats 🙂


3/30 Monday – leftovers
3/31 Tuesday – pizza (on a TUESDAY!)
4/1 Wednesday – butternut squash ravioli with butternut squash sauce and hot Italian sausage
4/2 Thursday – TVP tacos
4/3 Friday – kung pao chicken
4/4 Saturday – leftovers
4/5 Sunday – Easter!

One thought on “Weekend Recap / What We Ate March 30-April 5

  1. I am so happy I got to snuggle your face last week! Also, that coat is killer and I want you to wear it every day.

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