Weekend Recap / What We Ate March 23-29

Friday night, we took it easy and hung out to at home. Saturday and Sunday, M was taking his NOLS recertification so I was basically on my own. Saturday I went to my parents and helped my little sis walk the three crazy dobbies 🙂 I went to too many grocery stores for my short list of stuff ~ isn’t that always the way? Why does no where in Columbus have kimchi and plain ground pork? When M got off, we went to Seventh Son for a drink. It’s been a hot minute since we were at a bar on a Saturday night and I know remember why I usually hunker down at home! The ode de douchey-hispter was strong. It’s a good thing the beer is delicious.

On Sunday I watched Sunday Morning – oh man Charles Osgood. I love that sweet ritual (we even watched it a few weekends ago when I was in Madison visiting friends). I tried to go for a photo walk thru Blendon Woods, until I realized I’d grabbed my camera bag with all my lens but my camera body was out, still on my desk. Oops! So you just get this one from my phone. I even stocked up on Post Its ~ so you know it was a good afternoon! All in all, it was a pretty laid back weekend.

3/23 Monday- chicken fajitas
3/24 Tuesday- buffalo cauliflower and tots
3/25 Wednesday- my parents house (my older sister was in town)
3/26 Thursday- General Tso’s chicken
3/27 Friday- roast white fish and zucchini casserole
3/28 Saturday- rice noodle bowls with tofu and kimchi
3/29 Sunday- leftovers and potstickers (snack dinner OK?!)

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