Weekend Recap/What We Eat March 16-22

Friday night we rented This Is Where I Leave You, which was really good. Saturday, M taught a class and I went to the Lodi outlets with my mom for some spring clothes and to check out the Pendleton outlet. You know I came home with a wool shirt for my man 🙂 Sunday I did the grocery shopping and made english muffins as well as laven-berry muffins [I’ll share the recipe soon if they’re good LOL]. We were supposed to do our 10 mile run this weekend but somehow it just didn’t work out with a combo of M working plus being unexpectedly underdressed plus the fact I’m nursing a wee calf injury. A little unbelievable we’ve got a half marathon in THREE weeks and we’ve yet to do a 10 miler.  

out and about at Highbanks Metro Park

3/16 Monday- fajitas with flank steak
3/17 Tuesday- corned beef and cabbage steaks with my parents
3/18 Wednesday- turkey burgers and grilled asparagus
3/19 Thursday- coconut curry with tofu and bok choy
3/20 Friday- tuna helper with steamed broccoli and cauliflower
3/21 Saturday- homemade fish and chips
3/22 Sunday- venison roast with roasted banana squash

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