Weekend Recap / What We Ate Feb 16-22

This weekend, M had an unexpected day off so we spent Saturday cross country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. It was the winter sport hat trick that has been so elusive for us all winter! Columbus got 8 inches of snow between Friday night and Saturday, so the woods were so beautiful and quiet. Skiing is so loud but I’m really snowshoeing lately. You go slower, sure, but you get to see so much of the beauty that is winter in the woods. It was too cold to take my ‘big girl camera’ so I tried to snap a few on M’s phone, protected by the highest water proof tech [a plastic baggie] but everything came out blurry! Just take my word for it!


IMG_4718We came home and I baked cupcakes and we made yankee fish cakes and I made him watch Along Came Polly. Sunday, I had brunch with a friend who was in from Chicago and got to meet two of her friends here in Columbus. I even spent the afternoon sewing with my mom. It was quite the full weekend!

This was a really good week for eating in! It’s been cold and snowy so I cooked from the freezer as much as possible. I also tried really hard to restock the freezer as well – cooking four servings and freezing half has really been working for us lately.

Monday- roasted white fish and banana squash roasted with parmesan
Tuesday- enchilada hot dish

enchilada hot dish~the comyn space
Wednesday- chicken marsala (made earlier, I froze half the sauce and grilled more chicken for this meal)
Thursday-turkey tacos
Friday- pizza at my parents house
Saturday- Yankee fish cakes, crock pot black beans
Sunday- gnocchi

Baked: Rye and whole wheat sourdough + homemade vanilla cupcakes (I should not have halved this recipe…live and learn!)

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