Embracing Winter

I am so incredibly exhausted about people complaining about winter. Complaining about complaining, table for one.

We live in the Midwest, I understand it is practically a competition to complain about which state does winter worse. The weather is one of the three socially acceptable things we can talk about at social gatherings [you know this: football, weather, directions/traffic].

But here’s the rub – we need winter. The plants we like to eat and the animals that eat plants that we love to eat need winter. Mother Nature demands a cooling down, a time to reset. The is so much more to winter than scraping your car windshield and salting your driveway. Of course, getting out requires effort but it’s worth it. It worth it in the summer and it’s worth it in the winter too. Winter is completely natural, even if inconvenient, and it’s been wintering here since the end of the last Ice Age. Plus, what a waste of energy complaining about something you can’t control that manages to come around every year without fail and is a full quarter of the year!

gull lake~brainerd mn~the comyn space

So, enough with the whining. It is our cold winters, our brutal summers, our endurance through whatever the weather throws our way that makes us strong. There is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Put on your snow boots, the good hat and get out and enjoy winter. The woods are never more serene than they are on a cold crisp day. It’s worth it, I promise.

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