2015: One Little Word

Inspired by oh-so-many bloggers I read who do One Little Word, I’m giving it a try for the first time in 2015.

It just came to me and while I don’t think it’s really ‘sexy’ enough to be my OLW, I can’t shake it. So PUSH, it is. I looked it up and a few of the definitions really stuck out to me.

Push: verb, 1-exert force on (someone or something), 2-move forward, noun, 2- a vigorous effort to do or obtain something.

This will guide my other resolutions, which I’m not really putting out for global consumption, but this will be the year to push myself with making local friends, push myself in my career (I’m finally working on my job goals, woohoo!), push our budget and put in a vigorous effort.


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