Serpent Mound

Over the weekend, we went to Serpent Mound in Peebles Ohio as it’s one of those elementary school field trip places in Ohio that M missed. Managed by the Arc of Appalachia Preserve System, Serpent Mound remains a true archeological mystery. Modern scientists do not who built it and for what purpose, although recent carbon dating says it is about 900 years old, placing it in the Fort Ancient time period.

We drove down US 62, through many small towns and stopped off for both soft serve and to pick up fresh Ohio corn at a farmer’s market. It over 2 hours away from Columbus but it’s a beautiful region. We packed a lunch and checked out the attempted small museum. It seems all the cool stuff was packed up and shipped to Columbus :-/ There was a short trail that lead down to Paint Creek, so we even got a little hiking in!

Here’s a few snaps from the afternoon! Have you been to Serpent Mound?





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