Bocadillo de jamon

This isn’t really a recipe but we had a planned tapas night fall thru so I had several homemade baguettes, queso manchego and jamon iberico on hand. Clearly, I had to make a few of these for lunch.bocadillo de jamon

The crispness of the baguette, the creamy cheese and the slightly salty jamon made for the perfect lunch. If only it came with a one way ticket back to Madrid. I’d gorge myself on bocadillos, soak up all the sun in Parque del Retiro and waste away in the galleries of the Prado. One of my classes was very near the Prado, I spent so many afternoons wandering there and will never forget the power this van der Weyden. Most of the time, I lose myself in the mundane business of living but every once in a while, a bite of something delicious will bring back that shimmering fall.

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