Dinner for Two – Week 1

This is a new idea I’ve been toying around with lately-I’m always so interested in what other people eat for dinner day in and day out. Plus, I’ve been craving some regularity with meal planning lately so this might give us a break from constantly trying new stuff and let us stick with some tried and true favorites.

Here’s what was for dinner for two, last week!
7/21 Monday- Cincinnati chili (recipe coming soon but OMGZ so good)
7/22 Tuesday- grilled chicken, super rice and collard greens
7/23 Wednesday- pasta with fresh tomato sauce
7/24 Thursday- Corn Chowder Salad
7/25 Friday- salmon burgers with oven fries

Overall, I am really missing our CSA this summer-it is a much bigger struggle to get in veggies and I loved how it made me stretch my kitchen skills. Otherwise, I stick to my usual recipes and favorite foods.

2 thoughts on “Dinner for Two – Week 1

  1. I’ve been feeling the same way about my CSA! We have a great grocery store close to the apartment but choosing to try something new isn’t the same as being forced to try something new! 🙂

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