Stround’s Run State Park

[Admin note; I’ve decided I need a summer break so things will continue to be quiet here]

A few weeks ago, the mister and I decided we needed a break from the city and drove down to Athens Ohio for the day. This continues to crack me up – we get so much more green here than we did a year ago in Chicago! Every friend who has come for a visit always remarks ‘It is so GREEN in this city!’ which it is. Still isn’t enough I guess!

I got us lost, of course, we ended up getting into the park through the back entrance, which is a 4 mile long gravel road! We ended up spending the morning canoeing on the lake, which was a blast! We were planning on hiking so we didn’t have a dry bag so this is the only picture, the phones stayed on dry land!


Hungry, we found our way into Athens proper for lunch and drinks at Jackie O’s. We both got burgers, which were amazing and sampled a few different brews you can’t get in Columbus. We even filled up a growler to bring home!

20140715-123356-45236080.jpgWe then walked around Ohio University’s campus for a bit and took in the oldest institute of higher learning in the Northwest Territory where I regaled M with my fourth grade ‘History of Ohio’ facts. It was a great day trip and I’m sure we’ll be back to the Hocking Hills soon!



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