The Element of Design~May

I got suckered in by the sparkler display at Menard’s by the promise of neon colored sparklers. Alas, they burned in gold but I had a blast messing around trying to get those ubiquitous Pinterest sparkler pictures. I know this is a bit late, but I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired in May. Let’s hope June’s EOD challenge is up on time 🙂





One thought on “The Element of Design~May

  1. What a bummer that they didn’t burn neon colors! How awesome would *that* have been?!! One thing you might try (I hope you don’t mind this totally unsolicited advice) is putting your F-stop super high (like, f11 or f18) which should kill the available light, and just pick up the light from the sparkler. Might be worth a try anyway! Super fun – I love following your monthly challenges!

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