Summer ’14 Bucket List

I’ve dabbled with these seasonal bucket lists in the past (see this holiday one, last fall’s list and the one from last summer). I’m surprised how similar this summer’s list to that one but different as the same time. I only got about half of those things done as we were moving but I’m hoping to really up my summer quotient this year!quote post~the comyn space

  • Go to a drive in movie (there’s actually one with THREE SCREENS in Columbus! How awesome is THAT?!)
  • Spend a day lounging at a lake
  • Run a race (probably just a 5k this year…my first without a half since 2009)
  • Go to the Ohio State Fair (No state so fair, no fair so great!)
  • Spend a day at Zoombezi Bay
  • Take M to Cedar Point (an Ohioan right of passage)
  • Eat something I grew (or um…M grew)
  • See the sea caves in Lake Superior
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Go to a soccer game

What are your summer must do’s? Any Ohio summer treats I’m missing?

4 thoughts on “Summer ’14 Bucket List

  1. Make real dill pickles, make homemade sauerkraut, go to the Amish produce auction, take Ken to see the Northern lights, stay up all night during/watching a meteor shower.

  2. I love these lists! I’m trying to keep my summer as low key as possible, but my main goal is to soak in as many beaches as I can this year! Already have plans for Coney Island, Rockaways, Montauk, Bradley Beach, and possibly Delaware!

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