Memorial Day Redux

Our Memorial Day weekend was incredibly full and happy. On Saturday I got to hang out with one of my bestest friends, G, from the internet at the pool, where we both weren’t paying attention and got righteous sunburns. Saturday night saw the first MLS game of the season where we went with two other couples (M works with the boys) to see the Columbus trounce the Chicago Fire 2 nil. It was a great game and we were only 5 rows back! My favorite thing is the cannons of streamers that go off-I can’t wait to go again this summer!


Sunday saw brunch at the eternal Bob Evans with G and her hubby and an afternoon filled with *actual* hiking and foraging. We did a little camp cooking (the fry bread turned out much too salty for my taste) and M taught me how to throw an axe. I’m not too shabby if I do say so myself. While there are loads of other people where we were, it always refreshes me to spend the afternoon in nature.


Monday I got to sleep in while M went off to work and I finished a few small sewing projects and even took a few minutes to sew for myself! In the afternoon, I hung out at the pool with my family and we had a cook out. We built a fire and I spent the evening playing around with taking sparkler pictures. I had a blast but will need to try to be more patient next time as it was a wee bit too light for some of them.

Of course, I took dobie pictures too 🙂

memorial day lexi~the comyn space

How was your Memorial Day? I’m stoked about the official ‘opening’ of summer.

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