Battelle Darby Metro Parks~Columbus Oh Things to Do

We went to Battelle Darby Metro Park over the weekend for the Columbus Folk Music Society’s annual festival. It was a blast! There were two tents of live music all day and plenty of great hikes nearby. The festival also had an ‘instrument petting zoo’ which was ostensibly for children but I thought was awesome. It was such a great idea to get people engaging and asking questions about some of those less common instruments. I’m looking at you, dulcimer.

photo 2
While we were at Battelle Darby, we took a nice, sunny hike along Big Darby creek. Which got me thinking how many of the Metro Parks we’ve been to since we moved, which of course morphed into a challenge to hit all of them.

If you are in the greater Columbus area and have little ones, you HAVE TO go to Battelle Darby. First, there are BISON (which makes me want to shout ‘TATONKA’ a la Dances with Wolves). If you need more reasons, I’ve got ’em! There is a banging nature center with a INTERACTIVE STREAM INSIDE.Last awesome kid thing, there is a natural play area which does have a play set but it also has a big field to run around in and there is a designated area in the woods where kids are encouraged to play off the trail. Talk about instilling a love of nature!

photo 1

Now for the adult friendly things to do! There is a long bike path, but we didn’t bring ours (or even a first aid kit…I went for the music, folks). There are also several trails, of varying lengths and surfaces. We took to the Ancient trail, which was marked as moderate but only had one slight incline, otherwise I’d call it easy. It took us by a burial mound and we learned a little about the Fort Ancient culture. They don’t really have any dirt trails but we’ll certainly be back soon!

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