My Favorite Easy Breads~Round Up!

Confession time: I’ve been really struggling with new bread recipes lately. My uncle, who’s birthday falls on Easter, asked for homemade bread instead of a cake this year and he prefers something hearty and toothy. I’ve tried a new rye bread recipe but it didn’t rise like I wanted. I tried a new banana bread but it stuck to the pan like nobody’s business. So I thought I would take a look at some of the breads that have yet to fail me!

honey oat bread~the comyn space

Honey Oat Bread
Irish Soda Bread~the comyn space

Irish Soda Bread

date and olive oil challah~the comyn space

Date and Olive Oil Challah

crock pot herb foccacia~the comyn space

Crockpot Rosemary Olive Oil Breadhomemade baguette~the comyn spaceHomemade Baguette

Also, this post needs a shout out to the amazing Christy Tyler of Christy Tyler Photography. As I was looking back through my recipes, I saw such clear delineation between the images I took before and after her Beginner’s class. She’s amazing!

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