This Moment

This moment~the comyn space

homemade soup my mom dropped off

I always hate when bloggers apologize for being ‘gone’; it’s always felt trite. But I do feel bad things were light on the blog this week, we have had a roller coaster week to put it mildly.

M started to feel poorly last Sunday night and was up sick all night. It progressed to the point where I called the GP to take him in and they advised we go to the ER. Um, excuse me? So off we rushed. We ended up staying overnight and didn’t come back home until Tuesday night. The not knowing is the hardest part, but I’m so thankful we have a plan now.

But because the universe loves to laugh, I managed to give myself a violently unpleasant case of food poisoning Wednesday night. I could have sworn that there was a clause in our marriage contract that said we both couldn’t be sick at the same time.

My mom was sweet enough to drop off a batch of homemade soup, cookies, my favorite cheese dip and crackers today. Things are looking up! Here’s to a much better week next week!

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