National Unplugged Day~How I Did

Over the weekend, I participated, or at least tried to, in the the National Unplugged Day.

It did not go…well. I needed to look up a recipe on Pinterest for dinner on Friday, which I did consider cheating. It turned out delicious and is the second best thing I have ever cooked, ever. I didn’t even photograph it! I didn’t Instagram it and the world didn’t end! Saturday, I needed to talk on the phone to the car repair guy (yes, we’re still having car issues…) so I cheated again. I knew I wasn’t going to make it until sundown on Saturday, so I checked my phone about 4:30 to over 50 text messages, a few tweets and not much more.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. I like  to be connected. I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to and exploring inspiration online. I don’t think that being offline for 24 hours once a year is the key to balance, I think it’s the daily push and pull between engaging online and being in the present moment that is the key for me.

I’m glad I tried and I’m a bit frustrated it was more difficult than I expected. I wrote in my 30×30 that I’d like to take a whole 48 hours unplugged each year until 30 so I’m a little more prepared for what that will look like because I do think it’s still a valuable exercise.

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