My Mascara Dilemma


I’ve been trying to slowly but surely switch all my skin care and cosmetics to cruelty free and natural options as I use stuff up. One thing I’ve been running thru is my L’Oreal Butterfly Lash Out mascara. I love that stuff but it’s usually 14 bucks at Target and isn’t certified cruelty free. So I thought if try a cruelty free brand, NYX, and their fiber mascara.

You guys, it’s terrible. It smells like dirt and basically just colors my lashes. It’ll do for work but I’m now, still in need a new mascara that delivers the big, kinda clumpy look I guess I like.

What are your favorites? Help!

4 thoughts on “My Mascara Dilemma

    1. Not clumpy clumpy but I do want it to look like there’s something there! I’ll check it out when I use this tube up. Waste not, want not can be a real bitch sometimes!

  1. Blinc!! It’s awesome. It makes little tubes around your lashes that won’t run if you sweat or cry and wash off with warm water so there’s no damage to your eyelashes. I googled it just now and it’s cruelty free!

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