Quick & Fun Minnesota Visit

In lieu of this week’s moment post, I wanted to recap our trip to visit M’s family in the Iron Range. We really had a whirlwind trip to Minnesota but it was such a blast. I’ve got to remember to pull out my camera more (I suppose it’s a good sign I was too busy to remember!)

quick mn trip~the comyn space.jpg

We spent last Friday hanging out and celebrating the niece’s 6th birthday (which meant she could play with Aunt Sarah’s make up :-). On Saturday we took cross country skiing lessons from his Dad, Uncle and Aunt. And by ‘we’, I’m pretty sure I mean ‘me’. He already knows his stuff! It was so much fun, but man, I have some pretty awesome bruises. There is nothing quite as pretty as the Great North Woods with a few feet of snow. So much quiet, so much beauty.

mille lacs kathio~mn state park~the comyn space

mille lacs kathio~mn state park~the comyn space

Sunday we hit up a local resort for the niece’s pool party (only Minnesota could require a snow suit and a bathing suit in 72 hours haha). M and his dad did manage to get me to stand a frozen lake. Which for the life of me, I still don’t understand! I just don’t get why anyone would want to camp out on frozen ice VOLUNTARILY.

gull lake~brainerd mn~the comyn space

All in all, it was such a great trip and I can’t wait to head back up north again!

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