CrunchWrap at Home~Better than Take out!

crunchwrap at home ~ the comyn space

Since we moved away from Chicago, we’ve been really missing our quick taco joints. There just isn’t a good taco to be found here in Central Ohio. We’ve tried to hit up a few local places, only to end up splitting a single entree because the Midwest portions were out of control.

So. We started hitting up Taco Bell for our taco cravings. I know, I know. Who know’s what’s actually in the food and terrible minimum wage labor is what makes the food so cheap. Terrible all around. But now I know why everyone is pinning make your own crunch wraps~those things are good!

We had some leftover beef from this Thai Beef recipe. We’ve also made it ground meat, seasoned with taco seasonings.

M made quesadillas with Velveeta, cooked ground beef, a little diced tomatoes and a squirt of srichacha. While they don’t look like the Taco Bell version, they do deliver on the flavor! A few tricks, aim for about the same amount of meat and Velveeta, keep the Velveeta chunks away from the edge of the tortilla (flour is better) and cook in a dry skillet. This helps the tortilla really crisp up.

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