How to Stuff Pork Chops and a Money Saving Trick!

When we do eat pork chops, which admittedly isn’t often, I really prefer them to thick and juicy but I find that the ones at the store are usually half an inch thick or so and very prone to drying out. And, they are like $4.50/pound.

Did you know that pork loin is pork chops before they cut it? I didn’t! And they are usually about $3 a pound.

stuffed pork chops~the comyn space

M has taken to buying one and cutting it up into about 6 pork chops, about an 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch thick. He usually stuffs them with about 1/3 cup yogurt, some finely diced apple and onion and whatever spices go with our side dishes (for 2, we freeze the rest). You just cut a little hole in the middle, leaving about 1/2 an inch all the three other sides and fill with the stuffing. He then usually coats them in milk and then cornmeal and pan fries. They’re so good! What is your favorite way to cook pork chops or pork loin?

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