Lancelot and Quinevere DIYs

We went for Lancelot and Queen Quinevere as M’s crown wasn’t finished in time! I made both of our costumes following essentially the same technique, from this tutorial.

lancelot and quinevere~the comyn space

I spread out the fabric on the floor, right sides together, and folded it in half, at the what will be the shoulder. For M, it was as simple as sewing together the sides, adding trim to arm holes and bottom.

For my dress, I drew, cut and then stitched together the long sleeves and side seams of the dress and then added trim. I had left the back about 8 inches longer than the front and hemmed to skim my toes in the front but to include a little princess train in the back.

lancelot and quinevere~the comyn space

I’m really impressed with how quickly these came together and I’m super proud we made costumes for exactly 0 dollars. One little trick or treater asked if I was Princess Merida as I was playing with M’s bow, which pretty much made my night!quinevere diy recap~the comyn space

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