A Gadget Philosophy

Preface: We found a whisk that matches our vegetable peeler and I could not decide if I wanted it and I’ve been stewing over it since.

I don’t think we, as cooks, don’t need every single gadget that comes out. I’ve always thought why use a whisk when a fork will fluff my eggs just as well? Why buy a quesadilla maker when I can just turn it over in the pan? It is possible that about 7 moves in just over 3 years right as I was learning to cook played a role in this. To this day, I still cook daily in those Farberware  sauce pans my mom and aunt put together for that first kitchen. I even managed to make do as I was learning to cook with the few things I did move to each apartment (I should tell you about the raw pork chops story one day).

My kitchen is currently the size of a postage stamp, leaving just one drawer for all the ladles, spatulas, pizza cutters (you’ll pry THAT out of my cold dead hands). Now that I’ve hit the wall that our current storage situation can allow, I’ve come to be much more careful about the new gizmos I let into the kitchen. That set of darling measuring spoons in the shape of hearts – well is it worth tossing my stainless steel ones? Not so much. A matching whisk, yes please!

I think I have finally come to a place where the things in my kitchen are all things I love and find useful. There’s nary a pan, pot or spatula that goes unused. When I think of all the crazy, different and yummy things I’ve made with them, it’s kind of exciting.

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