Brew Review: Night of the Living Dead

We picked up the Magic Hat Halloween sampler to celebrate last weekend (M got a job! Woot!) and really enjoyed it! Here’s a quick run down if you’re interested in getting it for Halloween 🙂

magic hat bedeviled~the comyn space

Deviled is a super malty and fairly robust amber ale, with a pretty smooth finish. I found this one to be quite tasty and recommend it! Also, the label is DIVINE.

magic hat HIPA~the comyn space

hI.P.A. is a super duper malty IPA. I’m not the worlds biggest hops fan but found this entry to be hoppy and balanced enough to brave a second. Should have let M have it 😦

magic hat no. 9~the comyn space

Oh Number 9! I LOVED this and can’t believe I hadn’t yet tried this not-quite-pale ale. The hops is very light but noticeable and the beer had a lovely, crisp finish. Best of the bunch!

magic hat seance~the comyn space

Seance is an incredibly dark Saison and I thought was very good when I’ve had it out in a sniffer. At home, you get a big ol’ whiff of that burnt cigarette smell and I just couldn’t anymore. The taste is lovely and not at all smokey. I want to love, I mean look at that label. But, no.

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