The Crest

My little sister and her best friend took me to The Crest, a gastropub in Clintonville.

The owners totally transformed this formerly dingy neighborhood joint. The fresh fixtures and warm wood tones are really comforting and brought it with the menu. Ahem, the food here is good. There are these amazing goat cheese balls that are served with honey and toasted almonds. You must get them if you go. I’m not kidding, these are life changing.

I had the lamb burger with truffle fries and we got an apple tart (sent over!) for dessert. Everything is fresh and well executed. The beer list is filled with local offerings and is longer than the menu 🙂

the crest~the comyn spacethe crest~the comyn space

the crest~the comyn space

It is really popular place on the weekends, be prepared to grab a drink and hang out on the patio while you wait!

If you go:
The Crest
397 Crestview Rd
Columbus OH

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