Life In Color: Brown

This month we started to get some potatoes from our CSA but I hear that I missed the blue potatoes! How cool would those have been?! I did not used to like potatoes as a kid so this was kinda amusing to shoot. Here’s my little homage to everyone else’s favorite vegetable.

red potatoes~the comyn space
red russian potatoes

russet potatoes~the comyn space
russet potatoes

fingerling potatoes~the comyn space

If you are following along, here is my Life in Color post on Green.

Check out my lovely friend Melissa Gay of Melissa Gay Photo and her post in our Life of Color circle this month!

11 thoughts on “Life In Color: Brown

  1. Hmm, I see you posted the before photos here, but where are the after photos of their second chance at life as delicious french fries? 😉

  2. I love CSA for the variety of vegetables it forces me in to trying when I normally wouldn’t buy them from the store. Great photos!

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