Life in Color: Green

I recently inserted myself in a group of some amazing photographers and their Life in Color photo project. I’ve got some much more to learn about photography and I’m so excited to do this with a big group of smart ladies supporting me. You know how much I love food and I thought I’d explore some of the hues my favorites leafy greens have this month.

russian red kale~life in color~the comyn space

Russian Red Kale

butter lettuce~life in color~the comyn space

Butter Lettuce

mustard greens~life in color~the comyn space

Ho Mi Z Mustard Greens

Please go check out my friend Andrea Deno of Andrea Deno Photography and her post in our “Life in Color” circle!

15 thoughts on “Life in Color: Green

  1. I love how you took the idea of a color and turned that into something that worked well and cohesively with your blog content. You know I adore you, lady – I’m thrilled to be on this adventure together!

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