Emergency Backpacks

I am embarrassed how long it has taken me to get this project finished! I’ve been working on getting all our emergency supplies together. Both mine and M’s are still a work in progress, but it’s better to be started at least. Here’s what’s in mine:
emergency backpacks~the comyn space

a back pack (duh)
pink nalgene contains fire starters (matches and a lighter), flash light, extra batteries, plastic baggies, flare
wool socks
garbage bag
yellow box contains lighter, steel wool, whistle, compass and thermometer (to be carried apart from the main backpack, should we become separated from it)
toilet paper
toothbrush & deodorant
premade first kit

M’s bag is essentially the same things, with the addition of a cooking pot, some food, a camp stove and a small blanket. Not pictured in my bag is a light coat with a hood, feminine care items, and a clean pair of skivvies. I’ve never seen those things on other people’s lists but I think they are important.

We aren’t planning on anything terrible happening but we do want to be prepared in case it does. The city of Chicago’s emergency plan is to evacuate to Milwaukee, mostly via car. But we also wanted to be prepped to hike out if required. Most of what we put together are items we already had scattered in our camping/hiking stuff and I just put them all together. We are much much more likely to use them in September when he head to the boundary waters this summer 🙂

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