Brew Review: Batch 19

batch 19~the comyn space

I picked this up mostly because I wanted something cheap but good to drink. Sometimes you need a crisp beer to go with dinner that isn’t hop city.

Batch 19 is a small batch brew from Coors that follows a pre-Prohibition recipe. It has nice, light caramel notes with a moderate white head. The grassy head is followed by slightly sweet, popcorn flavors.

I’d really recommend this and I know we’ll be picking it up for days spent by the pool or at the beach.

2 thoughts on “Brew Review: Batch 19

  1. I tried it on the Coors tour in Colorado! I liked it well enough, but not enough to have a second. Probably I would have liked it a whole lot more if I had been sitting by the pool, or grilling out, rather than drinking it in a florescently lit room at 11:30 am. Beer is very situational for me…

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