Dining v. Eating

One of the things I struggle with is making time to sit down and eat dinner at home as well as making it feel just as special as dining at a restaurant. I love cooking at home, especially for other people, M or other friends. Back in college, we had ‘family dinner’ once a week and that was always my favorite meal.

For me, eating is mindless and out of boredom. You put a bag of Goldfish in front of me and some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I’ll knock back the whole bag. All 12 servings. Eating is for nutrition. It’s all those boring string cheese sticks and carrot sticks. It’s for convenience; it’s those prepackaged foods and anything you have to unwrap.

Dining, on the other hand, is a communal experience. It’s passing plates of tasty and fresh vegetables over heads and glasses of wine. Dining is stopping and taking time to spend with those you love, nourishing each other with good food and great company. It is a fancy night out at a Michelin starred restaurant.

One of the small things I’m doing to be proactive is putting a tablecloth on our dining room table and eating off our good plates. What steps do you take to make dinner special at home?

4 thoughts on “Dining v. Eating

  1. Ooh I like this! I love the idea of making something boring and standard at home into something special and lovely. We often watch an episode of a show during dinner (because it’s often the only time we’ll both be able to focus on it, and since we talk while we make dinner, I don’t feel like we’re missing out on conversation). But sometimes, to make it extra fancy, we don’t turn on the TV. And even if we just sit in silence and eat, sometimes that quiet is nice.

      1. I guess for us, the “special” and the “effort” is easy when it comes to the cooking- that’s how we reconnect after a long day- but it’s the eating that isn’t as sacred around here.

      2. For me, I need the eating portion to be special as well or the cooking part just feels like work not an act of love. Especially when I’m eating alone, I think it just feels like going thru the motions.

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