The Zen of Chopping

Things have been busy around the Comyn house for the last week, we’re both juggling lots of balls these days. Some great, some not to so great.

chopped veggies~the comyn space

I wanted a tasty, wholesome meal last night and I just pulled out the veggies I could find the fridge and starting chopping. Half a white onion, three green onions, four radishes, half an orange and red bell pepper, half a head of cauliflower and one tomato.

Mincing, chopping, seeding-all brought calm. It was kind of amazing to see what a cacophony of leftover, abandoned vegetables yield under some soy sauce, lots of grated ginger, and bit of sriracha.

Half of cup of sticky rice later and I had dinner, just as fast as it would have taken me to make pizza rolls and so much more filling. I was filled up with more than just “I’m good for you-so eat me” vegetables, but the physical acts of cleaning, cutting, chopping and cooking too. And those are just as nourishing.

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