Gone Girl Review

I picked up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn from the library because everyone and their mother was reading it on the train. It’s been a long time since I was in the trendy book-of-the-season circle (I missed the Hunger Games until after the movie came out…better late than never?)

With one foot firmly in the suspense world and the other in crime drama land, Gone Girl follows Nick and Amy Dunne through their marriage cracks and breaks. Both are laid off from their high power jobs in New York and have to return to Nick’s hometown in Missouri to care for his ailing parents. Nick comes home to find Amy missing and first half of the novel proceeds to alternate between Nick in the present and Amy’s diary. The reader isn’t exactly sure who to believe and the second half revels that both Nick and Amy are unreliable narrators who’ve been withholding information from each other and the reader.

I found Gone Girl to be very paced and full of engaging prose. However, I didn’t have any sympathy for either of the main characters. The plot twists did come out of nowhere but Flynn fails to make humanize the main characters and give vibrancy to the supporting cast.

Next time, I’ll be waiting out the next popular book to make sure it’s a great read!

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