Crew @ Fire Shenanigans

This weekend we made it back out to Toyota Park to see my Columbus Crew take on the Chicago Fire. I love love love soccer and I’m so glad we have such great friends who’ll come with us! It was super COLD! We had on long johns, wool shirts and blankets and we were still frigid!

The game was such a blast, despite the loss of my hometown team. Our tickets were in the Harlem End, the Fire fan section, but everyone was very nice to me. There was only one comment, from a cocky high schooler.

On another note, I’ve decided that M and I can’t root for the same teams. In every sport we like, we each go for different teams. But luckily, we aren’t passionate about the same sports! He’s a die hard Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Vikings fan and I’m a big Cincinnati Reds and Columbus Crew fan!

Here’s a few snapshots of this weekend’s match!

L goofing off while we waited for the match to start

toyota park~the comyn space

J & M

toyota park2~the comyn space

the harlem end

the harlem end~the comyn space

M & me

m & me~the comyn space

roll call of the starting line up

glory to columbus~the comyn space

toyota park3~the comyn space

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