Fin~Restaurant Review

M and I were discussing our obsessive need to eat at the same places or cook the same meals all the time. We found Lao Sze Chaun and were back within a week! As part of a challenge to make eating out, which is expensive, feel special and worth while, we are attempting to eat only at new-to-us restaurants for the foreseeable future. We’ll see how it goes!

my love


We hit a financial goal we had set for ourselves and this sushi dinner as a treat has been on the calendar for weeks! We headed over to Fin Sushi Bar which was just under a mile from home, so I made M walk with me! We got three rolls, a spicy tuna (not pictured), a Snow Burn and an Orange Salmon and finished with red bean mochi ice cream. Service was fast and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was clean but very cozy. If you are in Chicago, it’s worth checking out!

Side note: I took these pictures in a super dark restaurant, sorry if they are blurry!

orange salmon roll~fin chicago

snow burn~fin chicago

red bean mochi~fin chicago

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