La Patisserie P

Whenever M and I are sick, we head over to Cafe Haung for a big bowl of pho, a traditional Vietnamese dish with the most yummy broth, rice noodles, greens, and jalapenos.

la patisserie p~pastries

This last time we stopped of at La Patisserie P, just down the street on Argyle and picked up some sweets. We got several items including two snowballs (mochi with toasted coconut in the middle) and several cakes with various fillings such as red bean paste, mango, yuca, coconut and yellow bean paste. The outside is flakey pastry and the fillings are sweet, but not overbearing. Dessert is such a great way to branch out into new cuisines! I’m so happy we stopped in before they closed.

la patisserie p~pastries2

When we got home I cut them up and we got to have a bit of each! I think the red bean paste and coconut cakes were totally winners! I can’t wait to get them again-hopefully we won’t need to be sick again before we head back up to La Patisserie P and Cafe Haung.

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