Old Fashioned Donuts

Over the weekend M and I drove down to Roselawn to get some of Chicago’s best donuts. Not that you would hear that from a Chicagoan, mind you. They are all obsessed with their hipster Donut Vault or the faux retro Do-rite Donut.

No, we heard about this place from the mecca of food magazines, Saveur. The latest edition is dedicated to donuts and they even had a nifty state by state map. Thankfully for us, they included Old Fashioned Donuts on the list. At 112th and Michigan Ave, it was a far drive for these Northsiders but oh-so-worth it. Sometimes I have a hard time processing how big this city really is.

We got there early, about 8:30 and there was already a steady line at the counter. We ordered an apple fritter, which we were told was a ‘must have’ and a yeast with chocolate glaze, old fashioned and plain glazed each. That’s right. Seven donuts.

The apple fritter was far and away the best donut I’ve ever eaten. It was crispy and soft,  with huge apple chunks and sweet cinnamon running throughout. And it was big enough we were able to share without complaint.

apple fritter~old fashioned donuts

The half dozen other donuts we took to go, thinking they’d last into Sunday, if we were lucky. Um, that didn’t happen. We made it until dessert on Saturday night!

glazed donuts~old fashioned donuts

As we drove back to the freeway, we stopped to take a look at some of the old Pullman houses and the factory as well.

pullman factory chicago

If you go:
Old Fashioned Donuts
111248 S Michigan Ave
(Metered street parking is plentiful)

3 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Donuts

  1. Have you tried out Glazed & Infused? I don’t know if they’re hipster or not (probably are) but they have some delicious donut offerings. I tried a few different flavors on my last Chicago visit.

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