Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve started this post dozens of times.

I’m not really sure what to say about Valentine’s Day. I could talk about how on a day feminists around the world are trying to bring awareness to violence against women, the press is excusing a rich white Olympian for killing his girlfriend. It makes my heart hurt.

I could talk about the millions that are made thru stereotypical and heteronormative expressions of love. But, I can’t deny I want a sweet surprise waiting for me at home too.

I want to tell you how much I love my better half and how grateful I am for him. But that’s mushy stuff. If I’m not careful, some will tell me to cut out that kissing shit.

And so, I am left with this. I am thankful for a day where we get to tell each other how much we love them. And I’m questioning why we have just one day. Love isn’t shown in a dozen roses at 50 bucks a pop nor is it found in fancy belgian chocolates (but-yum!) It is felt in an extra phone call, a sweet everyday note, remembering the right kind of toothpaste at the store.

And for this crazy cat lady, here.

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